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What to do in Wynwood on Your Trip to Miami

Miami is more than its beaches of white sand, tropical atmosphere, and cosmopolitan culture. The small district of Wynwood, located to the north of the city's downtown, is home to a thriving art scene.

Wynwood has evolved into a thriving arts community, making it one of Miami's most exciting entertainment, leisure, and arts districts. The region has numerous public art galleries, murals, social events, businesses, and restaurants.

Within a radius of four blocks, Wynwood is overflowing with activities that guarantee optimal entertainment if you visit Miami. In addition, it gives a variety of what to do in Miami on your trip. The following are some top things to do in Wynwood:

Get Brunch in Wynwood

Brunch at ASTRA in Wynwood is a meal where the ambiance, views, food, and cocktails are all significant. Our brunch is exceptional, considering the tasty selections we have included to meet all your needs.

You wouldn't get dressed to go out for breakfast in Wynwood, but you would spend a little extra time looking at yourself in the mirror if you were heading to a restaurant serving pancakes and bottomless mimosas. There are photos to be snapped (of you and your meal) and people to see. An Astra brunch is a see-and-be-seen event. ASTRA is sure to have something for you, whether you are searching for a fancy setting to spend your birthday or a casual area to spend time with your friends.

View Art in Wynwood

Whatever your taste in modern and contemporary art, you will surely find something to amaze you among the work of these daring, adventurous, and well-known superstars. Wynwood has the nation's highest concentration of street art. You can do the following:

Find Sculptures around the Neighborhood

Wynwood is full of all kinds of art. The wooden troll that looks like Seattle, Washington's famous "Treemont Troll" will blow you away. Other sculptures and site-specific experiential work are on display. This fashionable arts district is a popular neighborhood with busy streets. Due to its allure, Wynwood is currently experiencing a gentrified resurgence.

Find Murals around the Neighborhood

Within minutes of Downtown Miami, close to Midtown and the Miami Design District, Wynwood Walls are the focal point of this growing area. As you get close to Wynwood, you see breathtaking murals covering the whole neighborhood.

Wynwood Walls, a collection of murals covering six buildings, has become a blank canvas for renowned artists from around the world. In many murals, you experience different cultures in art. These murals make Miami stand out and a major tourist destination, especially for art lovers.

Visit the Museum of Graffiti

The Museum of Graffiti is the only museum in Wynwood. The museum honors the preservation of street art and the process of its creation, making it stand out globally. The museum preserves the history of graffiti and celebrates its evolution into design, fashion, and advertising. The art is accessible via an indoor and outdoor exhibition space. There are an additional eleven murals outdoors!

The museum also features a gallery of fine art. Don't forget to stop by the unique gift shop. You can purchase accessories explicitly designed by the most notable graffiti artists worldwide.

Shopping in Wynwood

Wynwood is also a popular place to shop in the Miami area. Take advantage of the chance to shop in its neighborhood stores.

Best clothes shopping in Wynwood

Wynwood is an art-focused neighborhood with some of the most stylish clothing shops in town. Walking through Wynwood's graffitied streets and walls, you encounter shops with various unique fashion boutiques, gift shops, and full-service couture. You will be surprised to find clothing and accessories as creative and unique as the art community in Wynwood. In addition, the shops in Wynwood sell trendy clothes, some of which you cannot find anywhere else globally.

Best Jewelry in Wynwood

Local artists and craftspeople sell everything from jewelry to T-shirts to potted plants. You may find it at the Wynwood Alley market during daylight hours. You can also visit the Lotus House Chic Thrift Boutique. You support the Lotus House Women and Children's Center by shopping at the store. The store is split into two parts: thrift and vintage. Lotus House is your best choice if you want to buy a unique pair of earrings or an old armoire.

Furniture and Housewares

Wynwood is the place to go if you get excited when you find the perfect old thing, from furniture to housewares and collectibles. Wynwood Shop displays various art, home décor, fashion, and accessories crafted by hand-selected local artists and emerging designers. So add furniture shopping to your what-to-do list in Miami if you are an ardent lover of vintage items.

Let Loose and Grab Drinks in Wynwood

More than anything else, Wynwood's nightlife has been its primary selling point. If you have been to almost every craft brewery and cocktail bar in Wynwood, you might want to try something different.

The Moon and the Pink room in Wynwood retain some of their former humorous and edgy personalities. Your drinking time can never be boring at The Moon or The pink room.

These two spots are the best for you if you are a snap person and want to be seen in a fancy-looking place. However, if you want to make a night of it, book reservations, enjoy private space, and enjoy your night in a calm environment.

Experience All Wynwood Has to Offer

Miami is an outstanding location with a vibrant art area, expansive beaches, and lively nightlife. Numerous options exist for your enjoyment. This location is a paradise for you if you are a massive fan of picturesque views. In addition, you are spoilt for choosing what to do in Wynwood, considering the numerous activities you can engage in to make your trip to Miami unforgettable.

Wynwood has so much to offer, from amazing art to opulent clubs and bars, that no amount of time spent in Wynwood will ever be sufficient. You do not want to miss a spot at the Pink Room. Book a table at the Pink Room in advance as you prepare for Wynwood.

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